Internal Marketing

Boost your internal communications with video. From onboardings, training, and employee engagement, securely deliver impactful messages.

Onboard your employees through video

Video is the best way to share knowledge within a company to strengthen employee alignment. It’s essential since 69% of people prefer to get information from video over other content forms*. Dailymotion gives you access to effective video training during your onboarding and orientation processes.

*Source: Wyzowl, Video Marketing Statistics, 2021

Make your events and announcements more exciting

Sharing updates on policy, headcount, and events with video creates a sense of transparency and openness in the company. It becomes even more meaningful with live streaming, creating a strong sense of community while capturing audience attention.

Bring your company culture to life with video

Video enables people to engage with messages in an authentic and meaningful way that helps establish a stronger company culture. Improve your workplace culture through employee-generated content across different channels.

Feature highlights

Live streaming
Engage your employees by live streaming events, webinars, and company announcements.
Video security
Create a safe environment for your videos with domain restrictions without worrying about security issues.
Video Manager
Control and easily manage your entire internal video library in one single place.
Video analytics
Measure video performance to understand which content engages the most and gain actionable insights to build a better communication strategy.
Grow your business with video