Maximize Learning Potential

Dailymotion for Enterprise is perfectly tailored for the E-learning industry, providing a seamless and interactive platform to enhance learning experiences and knowledge retention for students and learners of all ages.

In the realm of E-learning, video content has proven to be an indispensable and invaluable tool. It enables educators and trainers to deliver engaging and comprehensive lessons, fostering better comprehension and knowledge retention among learners.  

Key features

Easy Video Management
Our user-friendly tools and intuitive interfaces empower educators to effortlessly upload, organize, and categorize bulk educational videos, ensuring easy accessibility for students at their preferred pace.
Livestreaming into VOD
Experience smooth and uninterrupted live broadcasts with our low-latency streaming and adaptive bitrate technology. Convert live lectures into on-demand content and personalize the streaming experience with features like DVR and secondary stream backup.
Scaled Hosting & Delivery
No matter the scale of your video content, we tailor storage space to your specific video catalog, ensuring you pay only for what you use. Our dedicated storage allocation enables easy encoding, storage, and delivery of substantial-sized videos.
Enhanced Security & Privacy
We prioritize security and privacy, creating a safe and protected learning environment for educational content. Benefit from robust measures, including GDPR compliance, to safeguard valuable materials from unauthorized access and distribution.
Integration with Existing Platforms
Seamlessly integrate our video solution with your current e-learning platforms and systems using our robust APIs & SDKs, providing a seamless user experience for both educators and students. Our dedicated support team ensures a hassle-free learning journey, promptly assisting with any technical queries or issues.
Tracking Learning Behavior
Gain comprehensive insights into learner behavior and content performance with our video analytics feature. Track video views, watch time, and engagement metrics, enabling educators to understand how students interact with educational materials.
Unlock the power of education with video