Create your VOD/SVOD platform

Dailymotion offers personalized support to companies that want to create their own video-on-demand (VOD) or subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform to offer exclusive video content to their audiences.

By creating a VOD/SVOD platform with Dailymotion, you have total control over the videos you offer. Your video content is showcased in a branded ecosystem, with the potential to generate additional revenue for your business.

VOD/SVOD, what’s the difference?

VOD and SVOD platforms may seem similar, but they have distinct differences in terms of user experience. VOD enables users to rent or purchase video content on a pay-per-view basis, while SVOD provides unlimited access to a catalog of video content for a monthly subscription fee. Both platforms allow users to consume content at their convenience and pace, but SVOD offers more consistent access to a wider range of content.

Why choose VOD/SVOD?

A VOD or SVOD platform can greatly improve your audience engagement for several reasons:

Easy Integration
Our platform is designed for easy integration with VOD and SVOD content. Our APIs and SDKs provide seamless integration and customization options, so you can build a video Player that perfectly suits your needs regardless of the device or type of video.
Qualitative Technology on All Devices
At Dailymotion, we believe that high-quality technology is essential for a VOD/SVOD solution. Our platform supports HTML5 and 4K quality, and our adaptive streaming technology ensures superior performance and reliability for both live streaming and VOD.
Monetization Solutions
Our white-label video Player is fully customizable, allowing you to create a Player that reflects your brand’s identity and seamlessly integrates with your website. This means that you can maintain brand consistency across all your VOD/SVOD content.
Privacy and Security
As a VOD/SVOD platform, Dailymotion understands the importance of privacy and security. Our platform is equipped with robust features that allow you to control access to your videos based on geolocation, domains, and more. We ensure GDPR compliance and protect your content and data with HLS encryption for secure delivery.
24/7 Services and Support
We offer professional services to streamline your video integration and management processes, saving you time and money. Our team of experienced engineers and consultants provides managed migration services, tailored onboarding, and more to ensure a smooth transition. Plus, we provide unbeatable 24/7 support for clients across the world.
Analytics Tools
Our real-time analytics tools enable you to track key metrics and monitor audience engagement specifically for your VOD/SVOD content. With these tools, you can improve your video content and boost your success in the highly competitive VOD/SVOD market.
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