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OTT platforms are an efficient way for companies to reach their target audience directly without having to go through a traditional broadcaster. Dailymotion offers an exceptional video Player with flexible features for to help you develop your own customizable OTT solution, catering to both B2B and B2C markets.

Why OTT: embracing the power of OTT technology

OTT is a groundbreaking technology that empowers streaming platforms to deliver video content directly to viewers via the internet. This innovative approach allows users to avoid traditional broadcasters and grants businesses more control over their content, distribution, and monetization strategies.

Brand-centric white-label video Player
Our fully customizable white-label video Player enables you to create a platform that reflects your brand identity and integrates seamlessly with your website.
Cutting-edge technology across all devices
Built on a foundation of solid and proven technology, Dailymotion’s OTT platform supports HTML5 and 4K quality. Our adaptive streaming technology ensures superior performance and reliability for both live streaming and VOD experiences.
Seamless integration
Our OTT solution is designed for effortless integration with APIs and SDKs. With our comprehensive customization options, you can tailor the Player to any device or video type (OTT, SVOD, VOD).
Uncompromised privacy and security
Dailymotion’s OTT solution ensures privacy and security with features like geolocation-based access, GDPR compliance, and HLS encryption for content protection.
Flexible monetization options
Dailymotion offers versatile OTT monetization solutions to help you generate revenue from your videos. Whether you aim to monetize your content or utilize our video Player as a SaaS solution, we have you covered.
Unparalleled 24/7 services and support
We provide worldwide client support and professional services to streamline your OTT video integration and management processes, saving you time and money.
Advanced analytics tools
Leverage our real-time analytics tools to track crucial metrics and monitor audience engagement, empowering you to enhance your OTT strategy and drive success.
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