High level privacy and security

Control access to your videos based on geolocation, domains, and more, to reach the right audiences only. Dailymotion for Enterprise secures your content in Europe by ensuring GDPR compliance.

Since 2005, Dailymotion has been a trusted video-sharing platform for thousands of media brands and broadcasters. However, as a public video platform, anyone can watch published videos. Thanks to Dailymotion for Enterprise’s enhanced security features, content access can be fully controlled to meet your privacy and security needs. 


A centralized place to control your video offer
Control all the content you have from a single place. Dailymotion for Enterprise allows an overview of the entire video offer at any time, thanks to the centralized management platform.
GDPR compliance
Secure your content and data with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All videos hosted by Dailymotion are stored in France, ensuring compliance with GDPR rules and guaranteeing data protection.
Location-based, domain-based access
Restrict access to your content based on location, domain, and more for internal and external communications such as tutorials, market analysis, and all-hands meetings.
HLS encryption for protected delivery
Stream with confidence as we protect your video assets and streams end-to-end with HLS encryption.
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