Premium hosting & enhanced delivery

Deliver your videos seamlessly, no matter the audience and video size, device, or location, thanks to our dedicated storage allocation, smart encoding, and delivery technology.


A dedicated storage allocation
Heavy content exceeding the CMS maximum file size is something from the past. Dailymotion supports dedicated storage allocation for all your files to encode, store, and deliver any video, scaling as your content library expands. 
Seamless cross-device experience
Reach your audience where it lives. Dailymotion delivers a seamless user experience across all platforms (web, native mobile, and connected TVs) with the support of Chromecast and AirPlay.
Smarter encoding, faster video delivery
Stream your content without any friction. Each video is automatically converted to the best format for each device, while transcoding profiles are managed in the backend so you can focus on editing and distributing your videos.
Adaptive HLS streaming
Deliver content in one flawless streaming experience via adaptive HLS streaming. Dailymotion enables the best watching experience for a diverse range of devices over a broad set of connection speeds.
Grow your business with video